We are a team of four: 3 computer engineering geeks (I bet you’ve figured that part out from the banner), and a female marketer. We all used to work at bleeding edge technology firms and developed a great number of locator solutions for global corporations. We have learned how mapping works and grown a unique passion. We enjoyed playing with latlng, geocoding, bounding boxes, and even custom tiles.


Lindsay just moved into her new home and really wanted to have a piece of art showcasing her growth path. What’s better than hanging the maps of her birthplace and the city that she got married? With the mentality of GET SHIT DONE, we went ahead and created beautiful posters that are maps of Tokyo and Toronto! After all, we love technology, maps, and posters. It turned out to be a fun project!

We live in Toronto, Canada. And we are proud of it. Place attachment is what psychologists call the emotional bond between person and place. We know that you too, are deeply attached of your city, town, and neighbourhood. We thought it’d be extraordinarily rewarding if we could create art using technology, and let it become an accent to your wall. So we continued with our project to include more and more cities. Every poster is created with great aesthetic in mind. All color schemes are tailored for maps.

We hope you can find your city and proudly acclaim: “This is our poster!” Our Town. Our Love. #OurPoster