Before getting into framing, let’s talk about sizes. A poster can technically be of any size, but that’s not really helpful, is it? We just want you to have a fabulous looking poster, framed, and proud. We’ve decided to support 5 popular sizes:

  • 11” x 17”
  • 16” x 20”
  • 18” x 24′
  • 24” x 36”
  • 50cm x 70cm

If you really want a different size, give us a shout at and we’ll carve you a custom build. Hey, why not be unique? We get it!


Once you’ve chosen a poster size, you can pick a frame. There is no rocket science, and custom framing just ain’t cheap. Now, because the sizes we offer are quite standard for posters, you can get frames from a number of different places. Michael’s will be great for you to get the sizes measured in inch. Ikea, on the other hand, carries the 50cm x 70cm, which is one of the so-called International sizes. Besides these two, Walmart has the some. Amazon has everything, and holds hundreds of size combinations. Last but not the least, whether to have a mat board on the sides or not is a purely personal preference.